# 4 / The Painter

If you would walk up on a sunny day to the pathway that leads towards the high stairs that villagers here still call the ‘Sky’s Stairs’, and if you then look to your right, you might see, if there are no grey clouds that day, the roof of my house and you might wonder who… Continue reading # 4 / The Painter

# 3 / Myrtle

 Rosemary’s hands rest on the ivory keys for just a second and then she starts playing nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp Minor by Chopin. Fingers with nails dark red tap the keys delicately, the small living room zings with a melody that reminds me of zesty oranges, toasted almonds and the slight perfume of lilac.… Continue reading # 3 / Myrtle

# 2 / The Ivory Dragon

Once there were three daughters, equal in birth, blood and color. In the morning they went to get water from the well, at midday they ate bread and cheese, and in the afternoon they listened to music. They were equal in interests, plays and smiles, though the youngest was unequal in beauty. As the days… Continue reading # 2 / The Ivory Dragon

# 1 / The Beginning of New Things

No one had ever died in this room. I had seen it coming and the doctor had seen it too, but the shock came anyway. My aunt Mary had known it as well and now I saw her crying in the corner as if she hadn’t known. Her shrieks echoed through the white-panelled house we… Continue reading # 1 / The Beginning of New Things

A Thunderous Time

When any year is nearing its end, one cannot help but to reflect on what one has achieved. A year starting out as a promise - the prospect of getting married in July, moving to Amsterdam and then traveling to Canada - was completely thrown into disarray. Although I cannot emphasise enough how happy my… Continue reading A Thunderous Time